The Best Free Logo Maker Software

//The Best Free Logo Maker Software

The Best Free Logo Maker Software

The logo is, and will always remain one of the recognizable aspects of your company. It is the reason why you should ensure that it remains professional but straightforward. You can always hire an agency to design the logo for your firm.

Alternatively, you can design the logo in house. For this particular task, you will need good free logo maker software to start you off. Below are some of the best programs that you can rely on.

Adobe Illustrator Free Logo Maker Software

Adobe Illustrator has for many years remained as the graphic design software kingpin. And there is a good reason for this. Illustrator packs a punch due to its numerous features, which provide you with all the control you would need when designing different aspects of your logo.

For instance, it has a pixel grid that makes it easy to align different objects. The advanced path controls, brushes, and precise shaping tools provide you with the creative freedom to design any graphic that you can imagine. The perspective grids enable you to create a realistic distance, and depth.


If you are only interested in finding a logo that you can use for all your web-based collateral, then Logomaker may be the ideal program for you. You do not need to have any previous experience with design work to create a logo with this online program. A careful look at this website will reveal that you have a big selection of artwork that you can build on.

There are more than ten thousand images and icons to choose from. All these have been designed by professional designers. You can add some text, select your preferred font, and even play around with the different colors.


It is similar to Logomaker in that you are not required to make any drawings. But you have to download the software before you can start the creative process. It is available for both Windows and Mac versions, with each providing a trial period.

It contains more than 200 templates. Its graphics elements can be picked and dropped directly into your canvas. You could also choose to import or upload custom graphics obtained from the web.

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio

This free logo maker software has a visual look similar to that of Microsoft Office. It also provides a free trial to people who would like to try it out first before making a purchase. The design studio provides you with more than 1500 templates.

The templates are sourced from different industries, meaning that all businesses are taken care of.

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